How will it feel when you've found the

Words Witch Work

for your biz?

I'm guessing you're here because you're feeling like you're:

Cringing every time you sit down to write a page on your website...

Wanting to reach the right people but are sick of trying to be something you're not...

Some sort of fraud - "who do you think you are?"

Avoiding writing/talking about what you actually do because you don't think you're good enough

Unsure what makes you stand out...

Losing sight of how bloody marvellous you are...

This means that you're probably: 

Spending a lot of time procrastinating and putting off telling the world about your awesomeness (who knew sorting out the laundry could be so inviting?!)

Not sharing your magic with the world.

And that means that people are missing out on working with you!

Are you ready to: 

⚡️ Feel more confident?

⚡️ Let your magic shine through?

⚡️ Start calling in those dreamy clients?

⚡️ No longer do the things that don't serve you?


Dom Marshall, DMarz Designs

She went above and beyond with her word witchery, gave detailed feedback, filled me with confidence I've never felt before with my writing, and gave me lots of tips to help me improve in the future. Can't recommend her enough!


Kata Armitage

Life Coach

I would say your enthusiasm and way with words is wonderful. Concepts that I've been ignoring for a while such as SEO are no longer daunting. My biggest takeaways from your Quit Hiding Your Magic SEO Spells programme was the importance of visibility, keywords and how to play ball for the Google Spiders! 

What's included?

  • My copywriting expertise and over a decade of teaching experience across 12+ videos

  • Creative motivation and inspiration to write in a way that feels authentic!

  • A better understanding of what you need to say on your on your website

  • How to write without sounding like Barry Scott (BANG!) and instead more like YOU!

  • Tips and tricks for how to connect with your clients through your copy (and ultimately make more sales!)

  • Weekly Q&A session in The Words Witch Work Common Room - private facebook community for course students


  • BONUS: Journal prompts and ideas for when you get stuck in a creative rut

  • BONUS: Opportunities for reviews of your writing

  • BONUS: CTA workbook

  • 11% off my future services

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

To be at the top of your game, you’ve got to know what your message is and how to get it across in the best way possible.

Well this Word Witch is here, ready to help you sprinkle some magic on your writing so you can finally start selling your wonderful services and products! 


I’ll teach you how to write words that get your readers to take action. I’ve taught hundreds of other women running businesses (big and small!) how to get clear on their message and call in their ideal clients, and ultimately: sell!  

As an experienced copywriter and blogger, with a decade of teaching in my witchy cupboard, I’m equipped to stir up success for you in my cauldron. 


Gina Friel,

Wholehearted Coach

Your enthusiasm is infectious! It's so clear that your desire to help women succeed runs deep - there's nothing surface about it. That means that the workshop and the support you offered as part of the package was exceptional. Since completing the workshop I've nailed my about me page and even got going on other aspects of my website - thank you lovely, I couldn't have done it without you.


Ashleigh Parker, Relationship Therapist

Your passion and enthusiasm helps, but your skills at making everything so understandable and relatable is your magic!

Gemma Hare,

Office Gems VA

I can't believe how fast things have changed for me since I finished the Blogging Bootcamp. I've already seen a huge increase in traffic. Amazing. I'm so much more confident about my own abilities as a writer. I used to worry all the time and now I trust my instincts more and refer to the workbooks if I need reminders!


Sadie Tichelaar,

The Curiosity Coach

I would say that anyone looking to build confidence and knowledge around writing good copy; cracking the mystery of SEO and positioning themselves to sell/serve would benefit from working with you. You were able to simplify complex concepts and break them down to easy to understand and inspiring lessons.

When you’ve finished this course, your cauldron is going to be bubbling over with confidence! You'll be able to write about your magical self, in an authentic way that feels good to you but also attracts the clients you've been dreaming of...

Let's awaken your inner word witch!


More about me, Siobhan...

Supporting womxn to write copy is my jam. I bloody love it.

But I want to help and empower more humans at one time, which to me is MAGIC!

After 12 years in the classroom teaching little people a broad curriculum through play-based learning, and another 5 as a copywriter, I am finally doing something I LOVE! Creating workshops and programmes that grow your writing confidence! 


Drawing on my degree and experiences in lecturing university students as well as over a decade in teaching, I've spent 2019 and 2020 running face-to-face or 1:1 workshops about all things copywriting. And dreamed of launching a course.  


Since I began freelance life 5 years ago, I’ve worked with 100s of small businesses to help them weave magic through their copy, or I’ve written it for them! I LOVE helping people.


As for actual qualifications, I’ve got a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and Media Communications (2:1) and I achieved Qualified Teacher Status in 2008. I am a certified Copy Editor and Proofreader (2015). Oh and I have a totally irrelevant GCSE in Latin...

There's a global pandemic...are there payment options?

Yes. I've set up two additional options to make the course more accessible. 

A 3 month payment (£222 per month) and a 6 month payment option (£111 per month). 


There is no fee.  

Pay the deposit and access straight away, and I'll invoice you for the rest each month after. 

You'll have lifetime access to this video course and any updates will be included in your package.

Access is immediate and you can start straight away. 

The outcome of the course is you having the skills and knowledge you need to become your very own

in-house copywriter. 

For however long you need it, you will have access to The Common Room, a space to discuss your learnings and sound out ideas with other students. 

Each week, I will pop in and look through any questions to do a 20-30min Q & A. 

There'll also be chances to have your work reviewed and get my beady eyes on your copy!

Are you qualified to be teaching me this stuff?
Can I get extra support if I need it?
How long will I have access to the course for?