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This is how it will feel when you've found the
Words Witch Work
for your biz!

I'm guessing you're here because you're feeling like you're:

Cringing every time you sit down to write a page on your website...

Wanting to reach the right people but are sick of trying to be something you're not...

Some sort of fraud - "who do you think you are?"

Avoiding writing/talking about what you actually do because you don't think you're good enough

Unsure what makes you stand out...

Losing sight of how bloody marvellous you are...

This means that you're probably: 

Spending a lot of time procrastinating and putting off telling the world about your awesomeness (who knew sorting out the laundry could be so inviting?!)

Not sharing your magic with the world.

And that means that people are missing out on working with you!

Are you ready to: 

⚡️ Feel more confident?
⚡️ Let your magic shine through?
⚡️ Start calling in those dreamy clients?
⚡️ No longer do the work that doesn't serve you?

You can be your own word witch.

With this course, you'll find everything you need in an easy to follow video course with an accompanying workbook.

And the most magical thing?!
You'll never be alone while you're writing your copy.

Not only will you have all my expertise and my smiley face in the videos themselves, EVERY WEEK you'll be able to dive into the private community and ask me copy questions!  And there'll be plenty of opportunities for copy reviews. 

This isn't just any old copywriting course! It's one that'll awaken your magic and help you actually get that sh*t done! 


What's included?

  • My copywriting expertise and over a decade of teaching experience across 12+ videos

  • Creative motivation and inspiration to write in a way that feels authentic!

  • A better understanding of what you need to say on your on your website

  • How to write without sounding like Barry Scott (BANG!) and instead more like YOU!

  • Tips and tricks for how to connect with your clients through your copy (and ultimately make more sales!)

  • Private Facebook community for course students to share progress and offer each other support

  • Weekly Q&A session LIVE with me in The Words Witch Work Common Room 


  • BONUSKeri Jarvis recorded a 90 minute Self Belief masterclass for you - available in the Common Room!

  • BONUS: Journal prompts and ideas for when you get stuck in a creative rut

  • BONUS: Grounding guided meditation recording (made especially for us by Gina Friel!)

  • BONUS: Opportunities for reviews of your writing

  • BONUS: Call To Action workbook​

  • BONUS: FREE ticket to my paid Email Marketing workshop​

  • 11% off any future services with me

Pick your package here:

Pay for the course in full, or spread the payments across 3 or 6 months at no additional cost (because I don't believe you should be penalised for it!) 

To be at the top of your game, you’ve got to know what your message is and how to get it across in the best way possible.

Well this Word Witch is here, ready to help you sprinkle some magic on your writing so you can finally start selling your wonderful services and products! 


I’ll teach you how to write words that get your readers to take action. I’ve taught hundreds of other women running businesses (big and small!) how to get clear on their message and call in their ideal clients, and ultimately: sell!  

As an experienced copywriter and blogger, with over a decade of teaching in my witchy cupboard, I’m equipped to stir up success for you in my cauldron. 

Check out the modules here: