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Recently I've been reading books based on recommendations and taking a step out of my comfort zone. It's opened up a whole world of geekiness for me.

What is your "safe" genre? Mine has always been fiction, particularly literary and I love discovering new authors. But in the last 3 months I've read running books, self-care tomes and have tried some more mainstream authors who I'd normally steer clear of. Maybe I shouldn't be such a book snob.

I've learned that stepping outside your comfort zone in the biblio-sense is okay! I even read a science fiction book which a good friend knew I'd love and she was spot on! It was excellent. Who knew?!

I'm going to be blogging with the occasional book review - things I think will inspire you or support you in your biz. Since setting up This Sister Scribes I've read some insanely helpful buiness books and mindset texts.

So, here are a few recommendations to get your literary juices flowing (I've put links to where you can buy them too, just to make life a little easier for you! These are not ads!):

An incredible true story about Tara's life in rural Idaho. She was born into a family dominated by the survivalist beliefs of her bipolar Mormon father. She had no birth certificate, no immunisations, no formal education and didn’t set foot in a classroom until she was 17. And her journey is so inspiring. Her ability to go against the grain and fight for a future that she wanted for herself. As entrepreneurs this is definitely something that resonates.

This book is scary in the current political climate. It is an easy read and so visual, you'll be able to whizz through this adrenaline fuelled book. The reason I'm recommending it is because it is so relevant and the mentality and morality of the characters should make you think about how you are in your business.

If you're a female entrepreneur who works from home (or maybe you're doing the side-hustle thing and are stuck in your day job for the moment) I think you'll feel an affinity with Eleanor Oliphant's loneliness and struggle with "adulting". You'll not be able to put this book down. that's a few books to get you started. I'll try and do a blog regularly about what I'm reading. And I think you'll find the next one really helpful!

Have you got a book you'd recommend to other female entrepreneurs? Pop it in the comments and give your sisters a helping hand! #sisterhood

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