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This Sister Speaks with Dom Crick

When I was initially thinking about who I wanted to speak with on my podcast, there were a few gems I follow on those pretty squares we call Instagram. I sent out some emails and DMs to these "influencers" (read: awesome women) and I was elated when nearly all of them got back to me saying they'd love to get involved. I got very excited and started booking everyone in.

One of these gems was Dom. I'd been following Dom on Instagram for a while and had fallen in love with her brand message - which is both empowering and inspirational. She sends out these random messages of kindness to people at the beginning of each week, and she's always sharing new and interesting things. I gushed. A lot.

So who is she?

Dom’s a mum of two boys Freddie and Bertie; an influencer and on-line small business owner.

She started The Pelican and The Rose over a year ago - a company that is all about empowering women and spreading kindness. Dom felt that kindness, empathy and empowerment needed to become more of a movement and she wanted to teach her own kids the importance of it - so the slogan "Be Kind Always" was born.

Here on the podcast, Dom discusses the highs and lows of the Insta world, as well as everyday feminism and what we can do to be better feminists. We could’ve talked for hours…well we did actually and I could probably have made 3 episodes…but I’ve saved you the pain! Haha!

On 19th January, Dom will be a guest speaker at the Pregnant Then Screwed Live Event, where she’ll be advising budding entrepreneurs in the ‘Start Your Own Business’ clinic.

In March, Dom is launching a new range of products for The Pelican and The Rose, and has changed the way she’s doing business, so it’ll work better for her and her family.

I love that Dom is so humble…she really doesn’t know how awesome she is. I hope that when you’ve listened to this episode, you’ll go and check out her account 😊 @thepelicanandtherose

Feminist Homework: Can you emulate the kindness that Dom promotes? Perhaps you might start your own Random Acts of Kindness each week, or month, or maybe you’ll champion kindness everyday in your workplace? Make a difference by donating to Period Poverty (like Red Box Project) charities or pop a box of tampons into the local foodbank box. Whatever you do, we’d love to hear about it!

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