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3 step magical formula to help you with writing blog titles

You know roughly what you want to write about, who it's going to help, why it's useful...but you've not a clue what to call it. Wouldn't it be easier to write if you knew the blog title?

I'm spending a lot of time answering DMs about blog writing at the moment - "How do I write good blog titles?" and "What do I write about?" are repeat offenders! So I though this might be a helpful piece!

There's a relatively simple formula that I've been using to write my blog titles - for me and my clients - over the last 5 years. And it's going to blow your mind when you realise how simple it can be! As with most things I do, I am putting this into a food metaphor...this time it's cupcakes. (Witchy ones. With delicious icing and maybe some sprinkly stars.)

So this formula (spell!) I'm on about is three steps that work together to create a cracking title. Read on to find the magical steps you need to take...

Step 1 to a kickass title - Topic

Here's the first step and - honestly - the truth is that you already know this part! This is the bit of your title that explains what you’re waxing lyrical about in the blog post.

Even if you've got no plan or strategy for your blogging, and you wing it whenever you feel inspired (I see you 👀) you know what you're writing about. So make it obvious in your title. State the topic, the gist, of the post and do it succinctly.

Step 2 to glorious blog titles - Who

This is the bit where you consider who you're targeting with this particular post. Who are you talking to matters because you want them to click on your post, and that means the title has to connect. Therefore it's important to speak directly to them in the title.

It might be naming their role, industry, or simply addressing them as "you"; but however you choose too do it, make sure it'll resonate.

Step 3 - Blog titles that take less time!

This is the icing/frosting bit (IMHO the best part of a cupcake. Who's with me?!)!