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5 Reasons Your About Me Page is giving you a headache

We've all been there with the About me page. You've done the Home page, and written about your offerings...but everything you write for this particular page sounds cringeworthy, or like someone took over your body and wrote words that don't sound like you. Or you're sitting watching the cursor blink with your usually creative juices apparently stagnant.

Does this ring a bell? Hands up if this is you?

I know I've certainly been there. And I hear it from clients and followers on Instagram all the time. So you're definitely not alone!

I'd spent a decade in the classroom, leaving to pursue a dream of editing books and writing. So when it came to writing about who I was and what I was offering on my website I felt like a total fraud. My original "Bulletproofreading" (I know, witty, right?!) website had some dreadful drawl about juggling motherhood and freelancing. Nothing about my love of writing or passion for working with women. But I panicked and had comparisonitis after spending hours trawling the websites of other people in my field.

I hope by reading this you can see that it's okay to change as you grow. I've lost count of the number of times my “about me” page content has been erased and started again!

And I'm a sodding writer! Ha! It's my literal job to write webcopy and I do this day-in-day-out for women in I'm trying to tell you it's absolutely fine to find it hard. It's normal to freak out at that blank page staring back at you. Writing about yourself feels so alien doesn't it?

On average, it's the second most visited page on your website, but maybe we're over-complicating this?

So how do we move forward? How can we stop ourselves getting stuck on this one finicky page? Here are 5 things you're probably doing and I've shared how you can get unstuck!

1. You've not clicked "publish"

This is a horrible place to be. And I get it, I really do. You've tried time and again to have a go, but you're left staring at the empty page and haven't managed to type a single word. Or you've written something like: "Hi I'm Claire and I like sewing" and you've gone completely blank.