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Simply magical ways to improve your About Me page

Trying to write your about page for your brand is sodding hard - even when you're a copywriter who gets paid by other people to write theirs! It can make you feel like burying your head in the sand and "ostriching" as I like to call it. It feels super cringeworthy trying to list all your brilliance in one place.

And it can bring up all sorts of weird crap that we didn't realise we still had going on. For example, self-worth! You're a badass in the business world, so why does writing about yourself turn you into a crumbling mess?!

I'm not here to psychoanalyze you. I'm a copywriter with a PGCE, not a PhD, so I'll stick to what I know!

But trust me, you have a story to tell and I promise that your customers want to hear it.⁣

⁣So what sort of things do you need to include?

Who are you?

It's called an "About Me" page for a reason, so say hello and introduce yourself. Remember that you're human and being vulnerable is okay. Sprinkle your magic here - people are naturally nosey and want to know more. Link to your socials so they can look behind the scenes!

Everyone brings a little of their personality to their brand, and that adds something uniquely special.

How are you going to solve their problem

This is a great place to begin your story. Why did you decide to do the magic you do? Was it to solve a problem you faced? Be honest and open about your story, your customers will love it.

Be the expert

Demonstrate that you know what you're talking about. What are you especially great at and how did you get to be so good at it?

What does your brand do that no one else can? Focus on how it makes people feel.

Name drop brands you've worked with, courses you've done, people who inspire you...

Show understanding

You need to show that you understand where your clients are coming from. They want to connect on a "wowzers, she's in my head!" level. So talk about how you've been where they are, or describe the feelings they might be having. Demonstrate that you "get it".

What to do next

Give your clients a juicy call to action. They've read all about you and now they're ready to hand over their bank card! Don't let them slip away...

Need more than a blog to get your About Me swaggering with the confidence of Beyoncé?! Well, I've got a workshop on this exact thing! Hurrah!

Are we already buddies on Instagram? If not, let's hang out! Come and see BTS and what's happening day to day in my witchy world.

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