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6 Podcasts I am listening to right now

Sometimes I find myself stranded at home by myself (one car, rural Devon life) and I need company while I write. I used to listen to the radio, but found the music distracting, so I've more recently been downloading podcasts...

So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite podcasts with you. And you might be surprised to know they're not all about writing! Woop! Joy to your ears! Nope, I love hearing how other women are running their businesses or women educating me on a subject I'm interested in, and I want to feel inspired by what I listen to. Not sure a podcast about writing would do it for me if I'm honest...

bassett hound with its ears out listening

I have found so many of the podcasts I listen to really educational too. Which is such an important part of running a business! I love learning and finding out more about how to run a business well. It's the ideal way to wind down and relax too! I know loads of people who listen to these on their tube commutes, on dog walks, or even in the car.

Alice Benham podcast cover

If you're looking for a podcast to inspire you and your business, in a non-patronising, clear and fun way, then Alice is your girl. I love her honesty, the way she relates everything to mistakes she's made in the past or ways she's found to do things in her business that'll make your life a little easier. Her interviews with various experts are relaxed and informative, and she shines a light on taboo topics like money. If you haven't subscribed already, you really ought to!

Ctrl Alt Delete - Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon Podcast cover Ctrl Alt Delete

A hugely popular and well-known multihyphenate legend, Emma Gannon created this ear-candy to encourage women to embrace their own varied careers, and it doesn't disappoint. The guests she has on are incredibly varied and enjoyable to listen to. Emma has great banter and is passionate about everything she discusses. I love the positivity she brings to the new ways we're all working. Give her a listen!

The Creative Leap - Cat Byrne

The Creative Leap - Cat Bryne Podcast cover

Cat's podcast is aimed at supporting people who want to make the creative leap out of the 9-5 and into turning hobbies into business. The guests she has on give you loads of tips and tricks about running a business and how they got to where they are now. Cat's interview style is fun and she invites such a range of women on, the journeys you hear about are so varied. Hearing these journeys is really inspiring and quite empowering.

confessions of a small biz owner podcast cover

Ashleigh's podcast was recommended to me by a friend and I love the stories she shares with guests about running a business from home. The chatty style of her interviews makes fab listening, and it's nice to hear how other women are finding being self-employed, the struggles and journeys they're taking. The confessions that are shared are little gifts of "ah me too!" which is what we all need!

There Are Other Ways - Fiona Barrows

There are other ways podcast cover

I stumbled across Fiona on Instagram, and I love the angle that she has spun on her podcast. It's a lovely change from the "Make 6 figures in your first year" type podcasts and I find her voice and topics relaxing. She isn't afraid to bare her soul, and in one of her episodes she shares her mental health situation with us, and another episode goes into deep discussion about periods and listening to our bodies.

Changing Politics - Grainne Maguire & Marie Le Conte

changing politics podcast cover

I flipping love this podcast. It is an accessible, fun, unapologetically left-leaning, feminist politics podcast which discusses really important, relevant issues that maybe we don't take enough time to think about. This is a great podcast if you are new to politics as they break things down into laymans terms and the presenters chat about the topics in an informal and sarcastic way that I enjoy listening to it where as I can't stomach any other politics programme! The best thing about it is that it signposts listeners to an action they can take on the issue discussed. Really helpful. Love it.

So when you're trapped at home (yay to self-employed life), attached to your desk (with dull colleagues tap-tapping away nearby) or commuting (drown out the yuppy yacking) and you need a little company, why not subscribe to a few of the above podcasts and do some learning on the go or join in the conversations of these amazing podcasters!

And you might be excited to hear that I'm going to be launching my very own podcast soon...bringing to your ears stories about how women are empowering other women - through their actions. Deeds not words, as we feminists like to quote.

Have you been listening to any brilliant podcasts recently? Pop a link below to any you'd recommend below, as I absolutely love to discover new podcasts to binge on!

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