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6 Podcasts I am listening to right now

Sometimes I find myself stranded at home by myself (one car, rural Devon life) and I need company while I write. I used to listen to the radio, but found the music distracting, so I've more recently been downloading podcasts...

So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite podcasts with you. And you might be surprised to know they're not all about writing! Woop! Joy to your ears! Nope, I love hearing how other women are running their businesses or women educating me on a subject I'm interested in, and I want to feel inspired by what I listen to. Not sure a podcast about writing would do it for me if I'm honest...

bassett hound with its ears out listening

I have found so many of the podcasts I listen to really educational too. Which is such an important part of running a business! I love learning and finding out more about how to run a business well. It's the ideal way to wind down and relax too! I know loads of people who listen to these on their tube commutes, on dog walks, or even in the car.

Starting The Conversation - Alice Benham

Alice Benham podcast cover

If you're looking for a podcast to inspire you and your business, in a non-patronising, clear and fun way, then Alice is your girl. I love her honesty, the way she relates everything to mistakes she's made in the past or ways she's found to do things in her business that'll make your life a little easier. Her interviews with various experts are relaxed and informative, and she shines a light on taboo topics like money. If you haven't subscribed already, you really ought to!

Ctrl Alt Delete - Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon Podcast cover Ctrl Alt Delete