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How to decide if you should DIY or get support with your website copy

In case we've not yet met, I'm Siobhan, Word Witch and founder of This Sister Scribes. I've been copywriting for creative biz owners and coaches since I left teaching, both in a done for you capacity and DIY copy coaching too. Having supported hundreds of women to craft copy that connects and does the hard work for them, I know it's not easy!

The problem facing creative business owners and new coaches when it comes to creating copy is not knowing what to write in the first place but also how to write it in an authentic way that feels good. Because we need to feel confident about the copy we've written otherwise we'll never direct anyone to our websites!

So, what can you do if you’re stuck on getting your website copy written and actually published?

How to get started

As I've discussed in other blog posts, it's important for you to create a plan to reach your website copy writing and publishing goals, whether you choose to work with a copywriter or not.

Figuring out what you want to include and how you'll call in your ideal clients is key. What do they want to know? How can you build trust and connection with them?

Going solo?

It’s not always easy to get the copy done on your own because of a few things. If you're anything like me - and have some neurospicy issues - prioritising can be hard. Often these huge tasks put us in paralysis.

Set yourself some targets and creating a timetable for when you'll do each section is a good idea. Gamify things a bit and award yourself points for completing a task. Then a larger reward when you finish a web page!

If you need some body doubling to help you get your writing done, try out coworking. I host these every Monday morning (rolling subscription and very chilled!). Pop me a message if you'd like to join! I started them because I need body doubling to get shit done. And it turns out lots of us do.

The options

There are three different main methods for getting your website copy done: hiring a professional copywriter, writing the copy yourself, or doing a course / joining a programme like Shine.

Here I'm going to explain the benefits and drawbacks of the three methods:

1. Hiring a professional copywriter

Pros: Get a copywriter to work with you and craft the perfect copy, tailored exactly to yours and your clients' needs. They know their shit and the ones I know are phenomenal, intuitive and supportive.

Cons: It's a mega investment hiring a copywriter. It's also a lot more time-consuming than you might imagine. And the humdinger is it can be actually be quite difficult to find a copywriter who is a good fit. (I might be able to point you in the right direction though. My copywriter network is ace.)

2. Writing the copy yourself

Pros: DIY copy is less expensive, but still provides a great result. You can tailor it to exactly how you'd like it with no outside judgement. It'll probably sound like you.

Cons: Writing your own copy requires a lot of time and effort, discipline and dedication. Doing it by yourself can feel overwhelming and leave you staring at a blank page.

3. Using a programme like Shine

Pros: Joining a programme like Shine is kind of a no-brainer. It's easy to follow, cost-effective and accessible to anyone. 12 weeks is a fast and efficient way to generate your website copy. Having access to a word witch for support and for reviews is invaluable.

Cons: While it is accessible to anyone, it might not give you the 1:1 support you require. 12 weeks might be too long for you. Or it might not give you enough time in between calls to write the copy - if you're working full time for example.

Hopefully after reading this you're feeling more informed, motivated, and equipped to make a decision on how to tackle your website copy.

Whichever option you choose, you'll make it work!

Shine is a great option if you're worried about investing in a copywriter to do it for you, but get flummoxed trying to DIY. It's got a hybrid approach to getting copy written that offers the best of both worlds: a proven method, accountability and guidance to writing tailored, professional website copy in a speedy and supported way, but done by you.

I'd love to invite you to learn more about my group copywriting programme, Shine, and to take the first step on your journey towards creating powerful website copy that shines with all your magic. Round Two kicks off on 24th April. Will you be one of the lucky 12?!

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