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How to plan your blogs like a business bad ass

What's the old adage? "Do as I say, not as I do..." because I'm a classic example right now of why it's so important to plan your blogs!!

I've been so caught up in some awesome client projects that I've neglected my own website, but more importantly I've neglected you and your wordy needs. Over the next couple of weeks I'm focusing my content on blogging and serving you tonnes of blog related tips!

For my lack of communication and content, I can only apologise and make it up to you with blogs and insta posts that are jam-packed with useful info and ideas to help you grow your business!

So here we go, gratis from this word witch to you: how to plan your blogs.

Why you need to plan your blogs

Let me guess, you're sat there thinking, "hey, Siobhan, this is great and all, but I don't need to plan my blogs. I just write when I'm inspired." Well here's the thing: random blogging doesn't work. For a blog to be worth the effort, you need to post well-thought out, useful and comprehensive content that both your audience and Google want and appreciate.

As I mentioned above how I've failed to serve my readers in my own situation, if you don't plan, you're unlikely to commit to writing a blog in the first place.

Where and how do you get started though?

List your ideas

First things first, you've got to make a list or a mind map of blogs you want to write. At this stage, you don't have to be realistic with your abilities or your the amount of time you have. It's all about getting super creative and thinking about what will serve your audience.

When I do this for clients, I always start with the different areas of their business and consider what their readers might want to know about each one. For example, florists might want to share themes or seasonal ideas; coaches might write about their offerings, but also look at their client pain points and why they need a coach in different situations.

Sharing tips and ideas is always a great way to engage readers, who are keen to up-skill and learn the ways of the expert (that's you!). Be generous with your content. It pays dividends. They'll think, "wowzers, imagine how great she'll be when I pay her!"

Write out a strategy

Now you’ve got some ideas written down for super useful and engaging content, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to beat the blogs in battle…because you’ve got goals to smash. What are your goals? Maybe you’re launching a new range of prints, so your blogs need to focus on those; or perhaps you’re creating a 6 week coaching programme and you want to be as helpful as possible to warm up your potential clients…