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Marketing: No budget, no problem!

Sometimes it feels quite overwhelming, knowing that you have little to no budget and bugger-all time to boot!

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there too. So I’ve put together a few ideas that will help you get your name out there and start calling in those clients you know are there just waiting for you! Even if you have a truly zero budget. You can spend a little time sprinkling magic and it’ll pay dividends.

Take a look at these 9 tips that'll cost you nothing but a few scattered hours:

1. Look at how far you’ve come and then plan your goals

First thing’s first, set a date in your diary - half a day is great - to really get to grips with where you’re at. Do a bit of an audit. Hold a marketing strategy session with yourself!

Analyse the content and marketing you’ve got going on right now. Which platforms are you using? What’s working well? If you’ve invested in ads, how are they performing?

Time to set your goals for the rest of the current year, and 2021. Look at where you want to go - your mission. Think about your objectives - what you’ve got to do to fulfil your mission. Now it’s time to strategise: this is the plan of how you’ll get there (sort of like a map!). Finally, it’s time for tactics. Tactics are the specific things you do to make the strategy happen! Boom!

2. Blog away!

I spend a lot of my time writing blogs for clients because they know how valuable blogs can be for lead generation and SEO. But if you can’t yet budget for a word witch, that’s not a problem! There’s absolutely no issue with you writing your own blogs. In fact, I’ve got tips here and here to help you out!

A good place to start is doing a mind map of blog ideas. Set a timer - 10 mins - and scribble down as many ideas as you can! From “How to make banana bread” (hahaha only kidding, no one needs more banana bread! Thanks Corona. Who knew we’d ever be sick of banana bread?!) to “3 ways I get energised in the morning”. It doesn’t matter, it’ll get your creative juices flowing!

If your content’s up to date, why not reach out to someone you’d love to collaborate with? Write them a guest blog. Not only will you be adding tonnes of value to their website with your knowledge, and reaching potential new clients, you’ll be able to create super valuable backlinks to your website.