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Secret ingredients for your blog...

Pssssst, sisters. This one is for your eyes only. I've written this one especially for you! Your business deserves a better blog, so that's what we're going to give it. Together. Your kickass entrepreneurial skills and my killer copywriting know-how are made for each other. The stars have aligned. So let's get started!

Unlike a recipe for cake, the aim of a blog is to be something interesting to read and it also needs to be useful - something a baked good doesn't really need to be at all! Blogs need to be relevant and speak to the reader. You should know who you're writing them for and why you're baking up a blog for them. What is their problem and how are you going to solve it?

You've got the ingredients for the most delicious blog ever hidden somewhere in your content pantry (yep, move over Nigella, I've got a pantry too...), so writing this won't be as hard as you think! So let's crack on...

Here's the ingredients you need:

  • 1 killer title

  • 5-12 lines of engaging introduction

  • 1 tbsp imagination

  • A smattering of eye-catching subheadings

  • 3 cups tightly written copy

  • 2 handfuls of grated research

  • 6 part tray for formatting

  • 1 final dash of conclusion

  • 1 shake of enthusiasm

  • Sprinkle on some Word Witch magic and a little lovin'

Gather up these ingredients and (in the words of Bake Off) "Leeeeetttttt's bake!"