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Secret ingredients for your blog...

Pssssst, sisters. This one is for your eyes only. I've written this one especially for you! Your business deserves a better blog, so that's what we're going to give it. Together. Your kickass entrepreneurial skills and my killer copywriting know-how are made for each other. The stars have aligned. So let's get started!

Unlike a recipe for cake, the aim of a blog is to be something interesting to read and it also needs to be useful - something a baked good doesn't really need to be at all! Blogs need to be relevant and speak to the reader. You should know who you're writing them for and why you're baking up a blog for them. What is their problem and how are you going to solve it?

You've got the ingredients for the most delicious blog ever hidden somewhere in your content pantry (yep, move over Nigella, I've got a pantry too...), so writing this won't be as hard as you think! So let's crack on...

Here's the ingredients you need:

  • 1 killer title

  • 5-12 lines of engaging introduction

  • 1 tbsp imagination

  • A smattering of eye-catching subheadings

  • 3 cups tightly written copy

  • 2 handfuls of grated research

  • 6 part tray for formatting

  • 1 final dash of conclusion

  • 1 shake of enthusiasm

  • Sprinkle on some Word Witch magic and a little lovin'

Gather up these ingredients and (in the words of Bake Off) "Leeeeetttttt's bake!"

Assemble your killer title

When choosing your title, think about who is reading it - what would inspire them to read on. Most readers love a title with enough info it tells them what the blog will be about, but they want a little left to their imagination. Add a sense of urgency ("now", "today"...) and keep the title to a succinct length. Sometimes titles with numbers can make the blog taste sweeter to your readers, so if you know them well you might want to drizzle some numerical fun on top.

Roll out your introduction

As the introduction is what will entice your readers to stick with you, and it is the foundations on which the Title stands, you need to roll it out and keep it firm. These few lines have to capture the essence of the blog, drop a couple of hints about what your reader will taste in the goods! As with the title, keep it relatively short. 5-12 lines is plenty. And make sure you mix well because no one likes a heavy intro.

Scatter the subheadings evenly

These break up the text so it makes it easier for your readers to scan! Organise your text into sections and place subheadings every few hundred words to help guide your readers through the blog post. You don't want your blog to be too dense, so by using subheadings you're chunking it up, and giving your post the opportunity to be more impactful.

Mix together with tightly written copy

Get ready to throw in to the mix all your creativity, research, and formatting! Stir until it has formed a lovely texture and reads well. If you're not satisfied, add a dash of further research until you are happier with how it feels. Using quotes in your blogs adds to your authority, and gives you an opportunity for linking, so be generous with those. Purposeful quotes will make your blog taste better, so try and ensure that they're top-notch!

Be careful not to overlook the formatting, or you bake won't look as pretty as you'd like! I'd recommend that you use bold subheadings, with H1, H2, or H3 tags. Using a bulleted or numbered list can make it easier to digest. The images you choose are super important because they give your bake character and will definitely encourage sharing!

Don't forget your conclusion!

You’ll want to pay particular attention to this final section of your blog post. The conclusion needs to round up the entire post, and leave a lasting taste on the readers tongue. As always, don't fanny about with fluffy words and unnecessary long words - stick to the point, keep it short and sweet and you'll keep that delicious taste for longer!

Grand finale

Once you've let your blog post cooled for a couple of hours (go and have a brew), scour over it a final time to look for hidden fluff or a stray nonsense. Double check the look of your bake, sort out any squiffy language, remove pointless words, and re-shape the post into the glorious blog you know it can be - one that your reader will wolf down with glee!

Do this again 2-3 times before you hit the "publish" button. I'd highly recommend you get it proofread by someone who's not had a taste yet. I promise it'll improve it! When the blog post is finally ready, sprinkle it with your own word witch magic and love, press "publish" and share across your social media! Serve it up to your readers warm, with a large side of engagement. Try and reply to readers that leave you a comment, or say thanks to those who share your post.

You've just baked the perfect blog! Hurrah!

How fucking awesome is that?! You totally nailed this baking blog! Bet it wasn't as tricky as you imagined. Now you've got a recipe to follow, use this as a base and play around with topics, methods, length, numbered lists - whatever! The world is your oyster, witches!

Never ever rush your bake - it's bound to go Pete Tong if you do! And always allow time for your blog to cool down before you publish - and extra time for that all essential proof. Don’t forget to lavishly decorate (more carefully than the cake below, please!) your blog with as much love and passion as you can, because these make your post unique and special!

And that, my lovelies, is how you write a rad AF deliciously enticing blog post that'll draw in potential clients! Please leave a comment if you give this recipe a go - I love hearing how your baking is going ;)

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