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What does a copywriter actually do?

You know that awkward thing people do when they're introducing you at a party and they say, "Hey Kate, have you met Siobhan? She's a writer. I think. Yeh...copywriter? Right?" Yup. That's pretty much the intro I get all the time. They don't really know what it is I do or what 'copywriting' is. And you're probably here because you're not sure either...


So, in the words of Scat Cat*, let me elucidate here for you:

A copywriter is a wordsmith. They write copy. Copy is text. But it's not just any text. Nope. We don't write non-fiction or science fiction. We're not about the fairytales or romance either.

Copywriting is persuasive. It's emotive. It's a marketing tool. And (good) copy sells.

Cringing at the "copy sells" bit? Yep me too, but sales is what's going to grow your business. So let's get to the next part!

What sweet skills does a copywriter have?

Based in marketing, copywriting is a mix of sales techniques and awesome PR. It is all about resonating with your audience. With your potential clients. For sales.

Copywriters need to be able to write in a way that makes your audience feel like you're in their head. A great copywriter has a true insight into your ideal client's pain points and can help you market your solution to them.

A copywriter has a different kind of job to other types of writers. Their goal is to build an emotional bond between your client and you, enticing interest in your service or product and therefore giving you leads for sales.

The aim of copywriting is to inspire your reader to take decisive action. That might be to leave a little comment under your blog, or to sign up to your newsletter, or maybe they'll even head to your shop and spend their hard-earned cash.

Do copywriters do all the copy all the time?