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Who gives a fuck about blogging?

You! You should give a fuck about blogging! I've been writing blogs for female founders and small businesses since 2015, and I have seen first hand the impact they have on sales. Blogging isn't just a gratuitous form of self expression a la the blogging elite or for lonely peops at home (which are all totally cool btw, no judgement here!). Blogging is a legit way to grow your business!

According to Hubspot research, 82% of businesses say it's critical to their business growth! And they're seeing a huge ROI - because investment is so minimal, but the return is awesome.

In case you're not convinced already, here are 5 reasons blogging is bloody ace as a marketing tool for your business...


Not sure how you'll ever get found online? Well, start blogging consistently! If you are creating useful and engaging pieces of content on the regular, Google will notice. It isn't a guarantee, and it doesn't happen overnight, but when it comes to your ranking, having a cracking blog will help!

Blogs are great for keeping your site relevant and you can dot your keywords throughout them so that you're more likely to come up in searches. Not only are you keeping people on your site for longer by hooking them in with superb content, by refreshing your content, you're providing the search engines with a reason to index you higher.

Blogging is an inexpensive way of marketing your business and a way of getting noticed by the search engine bots! #winning

Stronger relationships

Writing blogs that resonate with your current customers and the potential customers who've searched online for what you've got is a way of nurturing them. You're speaking to them in a unique way that 20 years ago no one could do! When they are reading your blog post, they should feel like they're getting a sneak peek into your world and they want to know more.

Develop your relationship with your audience by sharing the highs and lows. Share tips with them about how you dealt with different situations. Offer a different perspective that'll open their eyes. Tell them about things you're learning that they might be interested in. Really hone in on what you think they'll enjoy.

Build trust and grow a community! Remember to respond to comments and thank people for sharing your posts.


Your blog is the perfect way to demonstrate your authority in the field. You can share industry secrets, tips and tricks, as well as resources that might help your readers. Writing blogs about your industry shows them that you're an expert and that you're a leader.

Lean on what you know, and write about how you found things out for the stuff you don't! If you've recently taken a course or upskilled in some way, tell your audience about it. They'll be interested to know what you've done, and be impressed and inspired by your striving for self-development.

You want people to see you as the "go to gal" when they are needing help, and creating valuable and useful content is a fantastic way to do this!


I doubt very much that you want to be seen as corporate and super "professional", because that's just not the kinda people who read my word witch blogs haha, so believe me when I say that it's ok to be personal and personable in your posts!!

Allow your blogs to open the curtains a bit into what you stand for. Think about your brand values, what do you want your legacy to be? Write posts that inspire people to want to know more and get them interested in your brand.

Brand awareness is incredibly important, and blogging is a tool that can be used to get your message across really well. You want your readers to get a true sense of who you are and what you do.

Sharing is Caring

I love how blogs provide an opportunity for your readers to share your content. A re-post on Insta is great and all, but a blog post holds more authority and is more likely to grow your audience and build trust.

And it's essentially free marketing when they do this! If you're not blogging and asking people to share with a CTA at the end, you're missing out on a huge opportunity!

Another part of sharing is collaboration. Blogs are a valuable chance to increase your community love by collaborating! Why not write a guest post for a business buddy? Or get them to write one for you? They'll share with their audience and you'll share with yours. Winner winner chicken dinner. Also bloody ace for SEO.

I hope this has given you some food for thought!

Blogging is a free and fun way of telling the world about you and the magic you do. So why not get started ASAP? You've got nothing to loose and SO MUCH to gain! Turn your browsers into buyers and your readers into raving fans!

Quick summary! Blogging is for you if:

  • You want to increase your exposure

  • You want to establish yourself as an industry expert

  • You want to create a community!

You know where I am if you need a helping hand. You can book in for a Power Hour where we can brainstorm ideas for £120, or I'm running a Blogging Bootcamp 12-15th October for £200.

Don't forget to share this blog post and head over to insta and follow me for more awesome copywriting tips. Leave a comment and tell me if you're loving the gifs. (Personally, I'm here for the Julie and Julia refs. And Disney, obvs.)


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