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This Authentic About Me Workshop will take you from feeling awkward to awesome when it comes to writing about you and the magic you do.

You get:

  • A full hour of word witchery in this workshop

  • My copywriting expertise and over a decade of teaching experience 

  • A better understanding of what you need to say on your About Me page

  • How to write without sounding like Barry Scott (BANG!) and instead more like YOU!

  • Tips and tricks for how to connect with your clients through your copy (and ultimately make more sales!)

  • 10% off a Power Hour or Copy Clarity session - just email me and I'll send you the code!


When you’ve finished this workshop, you’re going to have the confidence to write 

about your magical self, in an authentic way that feels good to you!

You can work through this at your own pace, in your PJs (or a ball gown, whatever

floats your boat) and jot down your thoughts in the printable accompanying Authentic About Me workbook! 

Authentic About Me workshop RECORDED

£35.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
  • In the Zip folder are two files. 

    1. Workshop recorded video (MP4)

    2. The accompanying workbook (PDF)


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