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Been stalling on writing your next sales page? Fancy spending a couple of hours working on it with a word witch who'll guide you through integral parts of the copy?


This pre-recorded workshop is for you!


You're getting ready to launch your next big thing. You know it's frickin' awesome (duh!), and you've got wild ideas for marketing it: Reels, emails, podcasts & lives, even blog posts...the lot! And you and I both know it's going to help the brilliant humans you work with.  


BUT when it comes to writing your sales page you're stuck. 


Your mind goes from a chaotic rave of words to Forest Gump level gormless (or is that just me?!). 


You've sat at your laptop, staring at your blank screen with that bloody cursor flashing - essentially flipping you the bird.


You type something in and then hammer the backspace button because it sounded better in your head. Did it even sound like you?!


And that's before you even let your brain go down the worry spiral...making sure your words nurture and empathise rather than trigger and shame your clients...where to even start?! So this is making you hold back too. 


Well...this Word Witch is here to tell you: It's time to stop putting off writing that sales page. 


Your people need your new offering, and the sooner the better. 


So let's do it together.


Let's get your sales page done! 


Over this 2 hour workshop, ✨ Sales Page Magic ✨, we are going to work through the template I use with my 1:1 clients when we're writing their sales pages.  I'll guide you through the process so that you have tangible copy by the end of the workshop. 


You'll finish with a first draft of copy for a sales page that you'll actually want to share with people. 


Copy that sells without being salesy. Copy that'll convert without being cringey.  


But most importantly you'll have copy that's written, not just words dancing round in your head!


"You don't just help people find their words and stories, you help them find a way to say them, to use them, to make them real. Working with you is true empowerment. I'm so grateful to know you." Laura Leigh Chapman, Comms Legend


"I would strongly recommend working with Siobhan to any small business owner who is too overwhelmed by everything else to learn how to write sales copy. Her work will help yours stand out from the crowd!" Lisa Munro, Academic Writing Coach.


"I have A LOT of words, Siobhan supported me to create a structure that enabled me to articulate myself concisely without diluting my message. I highly recommend working with Siobhan to help you create copy that speaks to your ideal customers." Tamu Thomas, Founder of Live Three Sixty


Buy this pre-recorded workshop and get access to me via my Voxer office hours included, so you can ask me questions if you get stuck.

✨ Sales Page Magic ✨

£66.00 Regular Price
£33.00Sale Price
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