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This workshop is going to take you into the depths of why your story matters. 


Learn how telling your story will call in your people and help you achieve your goals. And I'll teach you practical ways of telling your story in a way that will captivate your readers and fill you with a confidence that means you actually send people to your website!


I'm, Siobhan, a word witch working with female founders to weave magic through their copy so they can find their voice and call in their ideal clients. And since I stopped leaving parts of myself at the door, and started telling my story, I've seen phenomenal changes in my business. I've gone from an unstable income and worrying how I'll pay my bills to smashing my monthly targets and calling in powerful, change-making women like you! 


No more pitching for jobs I don't want to do. They're coming to me and I am LOVING my work every day. A huge change from when I left teaching in 2015 and spent hours searching for projects to pitch for! 


And I want to show you how I did this!


60 minutes of celebrating you and the magic you do, diving deep into the story of your business, and getting clear on how you can communicate that to the people you've been dreaming of working with. 


Explore your magic and develop a deeper understanding of your messaging. 


Tell Your Story Workshop

£33.00 Regular Price
£16.50Sale Price
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