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Will you join me to learn how to
Tell Your Story?

What happens when you start telling your story in your business? 

⚡️ You feel more confident
⚡️ You finally start sending people to your website
⚡️ Your magic shines through your story

⚡️ You start calling in those dreamy clients
⚡️ You wake up excited to work with those marvellous people!

Is it time to stop hiding and
finally tell your story?

No upcoming events at the moment
When you’ve finished this workshop, you’re going to have the confidence to write your story, in an authentic way that feels good to you!

Gina Friel,

Wholehearted Coach

Your enthusiasm is infectious! It's so clear that your desire to help women succeed runs deep - there's nothing surface about it. That means that the workshop and the support you offered as part of the package was exceptional. Since completing the workshop I've nailed my about me page and even got going on other aspects of my website - thank you lovely, I couldn't have done it without you.


Ashleigh Parker, Relationship Therapist

Your passion and enthusiasm helps, but your skills at making everything so understandable and relatable is your magic!


Dom Marshall, DMarz Designs

She went above and beyond with her word witchery, gave detailed feedback, filled me with confidence I've never felt before with my writing, and gave me lots of tips to help me improve in the future. Can't recommend her enough!


Sadie Tichelaar,

The Curiosity Coach

I would say that anyone looking to build confidence and knowledge around writing good copy; cracking the mystery of SEO and positioning themselves to sell/serve would benefit from working with you. You were able to simplify complex concepts and break them down to easy to understand and inspiring lessons.


More about Siobhan

I'm Siobhan, Word Witch and Founder of This Sister Scribes. I help founders weave magic through their copy so you can feel more confident in your messaging and call in your ideal clients.

I used to spend every day writing web copy and content for a range of awesome women, but my favourite thing to do is help you to be your own in-house copywriter. 

Imagine being able to know what you've written is awesome!


Are you qualified to be teaching me this stuff?

Since I began freelance life 6 years ago, I’ve worked with 100s of small businesses to help them weave magic through their copy, or I’ve written it for them! I LOVE helping people. As for actual qualifications, I’ve got a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and Media Communications (2:1) and I achieved Qualified Teacher Status in 2008. I am a certified Copy Editor and Proofreader (2015). Oh and I have a totally irrelevant GCSE in Latin...

What happens when the workshop is finished? 

When the Zoom call ends, I will send you a link to the recording of the workshop, so you can recap in your own time. You’ll have 2 weeks to watch before it disappears.

You'll get a special code at the end of workshop for both the copywriting course "Words Witch Work" and my Witching Hours, so lean in and get some extra support. 

What happens if I can’t attend the workshop live? 

Gutted you can’t join us live :(

But don’t worry, you’ll be sent a link to the recording of the workshop within 24 hours. Then you've got 14 days to catch up on what you missed! 

But if you need more than a workshop, you can work this word witch in other ways! Or if you’re struggling for time and you’d like me to help you with your words, drop me an email:

Work with me 



Spend an hour together to get your copy smoothed out!

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