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Women Should Be Seen & Heard

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For every woman who longs for the confidence to raise her voice and make change happen.

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Hands up if you’re sick and tired of sitting on your dreams or biting your tongue?

Sometimes it’s fucking hard being a woman, isn’t it?! What with the daily misogyny bombarding every aspect of our mere existence, things can feel a bit...draining.

Whether you're working a 9-5 in public service or private industry and feel stuck and constrained by the unfairness; Or perhaps you've already made the leap into self-employment and yet - somehow - you still feel all the trappings of the skewed system; Or maybe you're a stay at home mum who's lost sight of herself and where she fits in...whatever your situation our common thread is that our voices are missing from the debate. 

You know that feeling, when you’re stood in the staff kitchen chatting and contemplating the upcoming afternoon meeting, and you’re about to tell your best work pal your idea...but then you second guess yourself? You start to think, “Why would they care? Who are you to have ideas? Are you getting above your station?”

So you just smile at their remarks and stir your instant coffee with the spoon. The granules sinking to the bottom like the dreams in your stomach.

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Then you go back to your desk and remind yourself that it’s just a job. You don’t need to show off. You don’t have a right to speak up in the meetings, so just go in with your notepad and pen and feign interest like you always do. So you sit at the long white table and listen to the same voices, repeating the same words, ignoring the same old issues. 


After the meeting you pack up your bag, put on your coat and make the journey home. Your partner asks how the meeting went. You shrug and can’t shake the feeling that you’ve let yourself down. Again. What would your childhood self say? She never took things lying down. Always had something to say. And now you just sit there and take things. 


You go to bed with a pounding head and not even an episode of The Good Place cheers you up. 

During the night you dream about a world where you aren’t too exhausted to raise your hand or your voice to speak up. You head into meetings with ideas and game-changing concepts that your colleagues celebrate over prosecco after work. 


In the morning you wake up and wonder how different the planet would be if more of us took bold steps and had the confidence to shine. To shine knowing that it doesn’t dull anyone else’s sparkle. To know that you speaking up inspires another woman to do the same. And you create this ripple effect of women making waves. Imagine the difference it’d make to your SLT.

Women in positions of power - in business and politics and as gatekeepers. 

No story left untold.

No woman left behind. 

You wonder about the kids you see walking to school everyday and their future. What kind of role models would they see in a world where women were leaders instead, normalising empathy and people and planet over profit?

They’d grow up thinking that they can be anything they want.

The pay gap would close. Less people would be living in poverty. The justice system wouldn’t be so skewed. The systems would be more effective and be rid of misogyny. There’d be more empathy. We’d send aid to countries, not weapons. We’d not invade, instead open up dialogue.




As it stands, there are only 8.1% women CEOs at Fortune 500 companies.

There are a mere 34% women representing us in UK Parliament.

And globally there are only 13 countries with women leading them.

We ALL saw that pic from COP26 right?! Where are all the women?!

So what can YOU do about this?

How does it make any difference if YOU raise your voice?

Women should be SEEN and HEARD, and WE should be LEADING the way, right?! 

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holy forking shirtballs.gif
Do any of these ring a bell?

  • You’re too exhausted to stand up for yourself and say something when your ideas are overlooked (again)?

  • Constantly being walked all over by colleagues, clients... and family?

  • You’ve given up putting yourself forward for promotion or standing up for things that matter to you

  • It feels like things will never change 

  • Every night you climb into bed wondering what it’s all for

  • And you’ve stopped dreaming big dreams about the things you’ll achieve.

  • Because it feels a bit...well...pointless.

Christ on a bike, do I know EXACTLY how you feel. I felt like this too after I had my second son, left teaching, started a business and moved to a place where I knew zero people...

But there is a glimmer of hope...



You are the hope.


We need new leaders.


We need women like you.


You are where the change lies.

And I’m here to tell you that you can have those big dreams. You can go for those seemingly out of reach things. Because all it takes is standing up, reinvigorating that passion inside you and developing your confidence to do it.


You don’t need to lie down and take it all quietly. You CAN use your voice to make a difference.

And it’s important to note that choosing not to raise your voice isn’t without consequence. When we don’t speak up about issues that matter, things don’t change or they get worse. From letting office misogyny slide to not reporting hate crimes, by not doing anything we end up perpetuating existing systems - white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal...


Wouldn’t it be better if you could be part of turning them upside down instead?

This Sister Speaks
Women Should Be Seen & Heard!

A 6 week group programme guiding you to access the leader within you: confident, competent, courageous*:

  • Imagine a you who doesn’t take things lying down.

  • Someone with the confidence to stand up for yourself and others

  • You’ll know how to raise your voice that seizes attention

  • You’ll begin to take the lead in situations

  • There’ll be massive shifts in the way you think and behave

  • You’re going to feel empowered and invigorated to step up

  • Surrounded by like-minded women, who’ve got your back and will help you work through the tricky bits, you’ll thrive.

  • Because it’s about bloody time that Women Should Be Seen And Heard.


(* everything most of our current leaders across all fields lack…)


Your passion and enthusiasm helps, but your skills at making everything so understandable and relatable is your magic!

Ashley Parker
Relationship Therapist

#00101 SIOBHAN High Res.jpg
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NFU hustings.JPG

Hi I'm Siobhan

I’m a Word Witch, ex-Councillor, current Governor, Chair of my local Labour Party and a Parliamentary candidate. I’m also a wife, mum of 2 boys, a cat and a puppy...and I’m currently baking a small human. 

Despite being quite an angry teen, protesting, writing petitions and causing havoc, I spent my twenties in workplaces thinking I had to be “professional”, and kept my head down not wanting to draw attention to myself. 

When I eventually left full time teaching, I was able to begin trusting my instincts again and tentatively flexing my activist muscle…

Which then led me to getting involved in local campaign groups and then politics. 

I went from a quiet(ish), sit-on-the-sidelines mum to local feminist Councillor and activist standing for Parliament in just 2 years.

All the confidence that I’d lost in my 20s - from derogatory lesson observations and pointless meetings I never felt I could speak in - and all the passion I had for social justice came flooding back and saw me speaking up for my constituents on issues like housing, education, safe play spaces, accessibility and the NHS…

And the reason this was possible?

SISTERHOOD. Because I sought out women and training that could support me to develop my confidence and my skillset. I knew I needed like-minded women around me who would lift me up. I am a Jo Cox Women in Leadership graduate and I’ve got countless other trainings under my belt.

And that is why I created This Sister Speaks. What started out as a podcast shining a light on women supporting other women has become something really special. Women Should Be Seen and Heard is the  programme that I wish I’d found back in 2015 after I left teaching.

What you'll learn:

Here’s what you’ll learn over our 6 weeks together:

  • What makes you exceptional and magical 

  • What real leadership looks like and how you can lead too

  • What visibility looks like in different areas of our lives 

  • Where this idea that we all have impostor syndrome and low confidence comes from (clue: IT’S THE MF PATRIARCHY!)

  • How to feel more confident on a daily basis

  • How to strengthen your voice and use it to your advantage and for the good of those around you

  • Strategies to develop your ideas and confidence

  • How to deal with butterflies and stage fright

  • How to use vulnerability instead of hide because of it

  • How to take up space & why you need to start now

  • Why you need to raise other women up and bring them up behind you

  • How to look after yourself as a woman who is seen and heard


Week 1: This Sister Leads

We’ll be picking apart what makes a good leader and finding out what kind of leader YOU’D like to be so that you have a focus for the programme.


Week 2: This Sister Tells Stories

This week you’ll learn why YOUR story matters, get clear on your WHY and have clarity on your USP, so that you can talk about you and your magic with ease. No more stumbling over an intro!


Week 3: This Sister Belongs

Diving into what “impostor syndrome” is and why it’s not as simple as it seems, so that you can begin to recognise it in yourself and other women around you. You’ll build a toolkit to combat this!


Week 4: This Sister Stands Up

This week you’ll develop your confidence in speaking and showing up, with practical tips and support, so that you have the know-how to slay in your future meetings!

Week 5: This Sister Strategizes

Let’s make a plan so that you can achieve the goals you’re working towards. You’ll learn how to take action!

Week 6: This Sister Rises

This final week is all about making your goals sustainable. Self care is critical for women in leadership. During this week you’ll get a 60 minute 1:1 with me so that you can get crystal clear on your next steps.


Your enthusiasm is infectious! It's so clear that your desire to help women succeed runs deep - there's nothing surface about it. That means that the workshop and the support you offered as part of the package was exceptional. 

Gina Friel
Life Coach & PMDD Warrior

How it works:

  • We kick off the programme on Tuesday 4th January and our closing ceremony will be on Valentines Day - 14th February. 

  • Live interactive teaching sessions every Monday on Zoom at 12 noon GMT

  • We’ll have a follow up Q&A in the private Facebook group each week

  • Throughout the programme I’ll be on hand to help you work through any worries or to offer resources and scaffold your learning.

  • Zoom sessions will be recorded and replays put into the group with captions. Any other accessibility needs can be supported. 

  • There’ll be a reading list to dive into and each week’s slides will be made available, plus journal prompts and “homework” to keep your momentum going in between our calls.

  • Don’t forget, you’ll have forever access to the programme so you can go through each module again afterwards at your own pace, and come back as many times as you’d like! 

  • VIP clients will be able to book their 1-2-1 mentoring day and overnight Devon trip at any point during our time together - from 3rd Jan up to 16th February. There will no doubt be a cream tea and a beach walk involved....

Your investment



👩‍🏫  6 x group calls jam-packed with feminist teaching, practical knowledge and group activities

💪1 x 1:1 mentoring session

🤝Community of brilliant peers

👄Group space so you can share your thoughts, progress and learning with your programme Sisters

🙌  Actionable steps and follow up for accountability

📝  “Homework” after each session so you can apply what you’ve learned

👏  A comprehensive reading list to help you develop your learning further

📼 Replays of all the workshops will be available pronto!

🚀​A weekly LIVE Q&A with me. You can submit your questions in advance, and catch up later or you can be there with me in conversation in the comments.

💜Lifetime access to the programme and private group chat



Self care gift


Or pay 5 instalments of £111 

VIP Option

👑 In-person VIP mentoring day

👑 Includes an all inclusive overnight stay in my luxe Devon “Nest

👑 1:1 support throughout and unlimited WhatsApp messaging!


👩‍🏫  6 x group calls jam-packed with feminist teaching, practical knowledge and group activities

💪1 x 1:1 mentoring session

🤝Community of brilliant peers

👄Group space so you can share your thoughts, progress and learning with your programme Sisters

🙌  Actionable steps and follow up for accountability

📝  “Homework” after each session so you can apply what you’ve learned

👏  A comprehensive reading list to help you develop your learning further

📼 Replays of all the workshops will be available pronto!

🚀​A weekly LIVE Q&A with me. You can submit your questions in advance, and catch up later or you can be there with me in conversation in the comments.

💜Lifetime access to the programme and private group chat



Self care gift


Or pay 6 instalments of £259

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


You go BIG! You do not hold back on your servings and are generous with your knowledge. Now - this is not overwhelming. That’s different, that’s when people don’t allow others time to absorb and integrate. You provide a feast and that’s good!

Sadie Tichelaar
This Curious Life Coaching

Still not sure?

This programme is for you if...

  • You’re a self-identifying woman or enbie who knows you’re meant for more but keeps finding things get in the way

  • You’re tired of being walked all over

  • You’re looking for more confidence and a strategy to go for your dreams

  • You’re ready to try doing things differently

  • You're open to recognising the magic inside you and other women.

This programme is NOT for you if...

  • You’re not a feminist

  • You’re looking for ways of reinforcing the status quo and doing things the same old way

  • You’ve not got the time to commit to making changes and making a difference

  • You are only interested in helping yourself and not others


I qualified as a teacher in 2008, and was the Early Years Leader in my final full time role, managing a team of teachers and NNEBs.


I’ve led numerous campaigns and I was a Councillor for 4 years.


I’m a graduate of the Jo Cox Women in Leadership programme and other LWN and Momentum politics training. I’ve stood for Parliament and I am a Governor and Chair of my union branch and the local Labour Party.


I want to help other women break free from expectations and go for their dreams so I’ve packed everything I’ve learned into this programme!

Are there different payment options?

Yes. I offer a few options at no additional cost because I know it’s a big investment that might need spreading a little. 

Do you offer any discounts?


As an intersectional feminist, I am passionate about making this programme available to women who truly need it.


If you cannot afford this programme but you know it’s going to make a huge difference to your life, please apply for a scholarship place.


These are available to women who have real barriers into leadership. Only apply if you are going to be 100% committed to participating! 

It’s a foundational course so I’ve structured it to be 6 weeks long. Plenty of time for learning and integration, as well as asking questions and 1:1 time with me.

You'll have lifetime access to this programme and any updates will be included in your package.

We begin our journey together in January, and finish the modules in February, but you can go back and rewatch as many times as you'd like!

 No. But I’m sure there’s a dream you’ve been sat on for a long time that’s ready to come out and play...

Is this just for people in offices?


Nope. This programme is going to help you whether you’re a stay at home mum, a founder or do a 9-5.


It’s all about helping you rediscover your voice and hone your inner leader.  

​I can’t commit much time, is it worth it?

Frankly, my Being a good leader and developing your confidence is worth the time and energy you put in. And I’ll be giving you my all, so I would like to see the same from you.

Are you qualified to be teaching me this stuff?
Do I have to have an idea or campaign in mind to do this programme?
How long will I have access to the course for? 
How long does the programme last?
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