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Witching Hour

Let's put our heads together and create some magical words for your business!

Feeling stuck and can't quite find the right words?

Not sure if what you've written makes sense?

Come and pick my brains for an hour and you'll feel clearer, more confident, and motivated to tell the world about you and your magic!

I'm an experienced writer who's spent 6 years working with female founders to sprinkle magic on their copy.  

Book me for 60 minutes of word witchery for £200!

If you want clarity around your messaging or help with a tag line, perhaps some ideas for an email sequence or blog brainstorms then this hour is the perfect solution.


Let's make your words magical.

How does it work?

A Witching Hour is your chance to pick my brain for whatever your copy needs might be right now! 

You can ask me all the word-related questions you need to, so you can grow and make your business as bloody marvellous as you've been dreaming it will be!

I'll give you tips and tricks for effective copywriting that'll make you stand out from the crowd, ideas for storytelling and social media - whatever you need! You just need to book a time and tell me what you want to focus the session on.

You'll finish the call feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, with copy written or planned out! 

Book your Witching Hour using the form below. £200 today! See you very soon, beaut. x

Maxine Kerley,

Happiness Coach

Well, the magical word witch that is Siobhan, not only helped me create the key statements, structure the content for the page and help me think of names for the programme, she made the whole experience utterly fun and joyful.

tamu thomas live three sixty.jpg

Tamu Thomas,

Live Three Sixty

Working with Siobhan is literally like having a nerdy word witch in your pocket! 

Siobhan helped me refine and structure my words so that I can now create sales pages, blog posts and newsletters that provide wisdom and tell a compelling story as well as convert into sales. 

I have A LOT of words, Siobhan supported me to create a structure that enabled me to articulate myself concisely without diluting my message.

I highly recommend working with Siobhan to help you create copy that speaks to your ideal customers.


Yvonne McLellan,

Life & Wellbeing Coach

Absolutely recommend Siobhan. For anyone struggling with copywriting, or even just their confidence, you are super supportive (and mega friendly too!) and make everything so simple and clear.


In case we've not met...

I'm Siobhan, Word Witch and Founder of This Sister Scribes. I help founders weave magic through their copy so you can feel more confident in your messaging and call in your ideal clients.

I used to spend every day writing web copy and content for a range of awesome women, but my favourite thing to do is help you to be your own in-house copywriter. 

Imagine being able to know what you've written is awesome!

But if an hour isn't enough, you can work this word witch in other ways!

Want me to coach you through writing your sales page? You can book me for a VIP day

Or maybe you'd like me on hand to answer your copy questions on the regular?! Well that's a thing too! Find out more here.

Want this Word Witch in Your Pocket?


7 Hours of Word Witchery and creative collaboration!

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