Short on time?

Hire this word witch to write your words for you.

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If you have a list of To Dos longer than your arm, and words keep slipping down further towards the bottom, I can help you. 

I'm an experienced writer with over 6 years working with female founders to sprinkle magic on their copy.  

Book me for an entire working day!


With my "Done For You Day" I can do any of the following things for you.


I can write 3 pages of your website, an About Page re-write, craft beautiful new sales page copy or an email nurture sequence for your next big thing! 

I can be commissioned to create content that is totally personal to you. Every writing project I take on is unique, and I tailor my words to your brand.

Together we'll figure out a package that works for both of us, fulfills your wordy needs

and fits your budget. 

You don't have to put up with mediocre words.

Let's make them magical!

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Let's chat about how we can make your words work for you!

Book a call using the form below and we can talk through your project.

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But if you're not ready for me to write for you yet, you can work this word witch in other ways! Check out these offers that you can book at the click of a button.

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1 hour together to get your copy smoothed out!


More about Siobhan

After 12 years in the classroom teaching little people a broad curriculum through play-based learning, experience in lecturing students about Media and Cultural Studies, and more recently running face-to-face or 1:1 workshops about copywriting, I’ve decided that group online workshops are the new way I want to work with people. It means I can help and empower more humans at one time, which to me is MAGIC!