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Ready to Shine?

Let’s shine a light on your unique magic by crafting great copy for your website so you can start calling in those beautiful clients who deserve to work with you.

Do any of these sound familiar? 


Staring at that blank page (again) to write your website makes you want to scream into the nearest cushion and hit the wine at 11am…


You’ve had a go at writing it solo but it just sounds like you’re regurgitating your coaching certification - too many big words and mind-boggling methodologies. It just doesn’t sound like YOU.


Your copy is too long-winded and you can’t work out exactly what needs to be kept and which bits to condemn to the recycle bin. 


Deep down you know you’ve got an awesome offer that’s going to help so many people…but for the love of all things Holy you just can’t seem to find the right bloody words!

Imagine instead if…

You could learn from an experienced copywriter (AKA word witch), who’s worked with incredible coaches and service-based business owners to sprinkle magic on their websites, sales pages, emails and more…

She came into your little home office, sat down, started doodling, and held your hand through crafting the pages of your website? 

And she did that through engaging lessons and easy to follow steps that didn’t make your brain ache? She helps you feel less like a newbie, and more like you’re a super awesome biz owner!


You come away from every session feeling productive, and geared up for success!

That’s exactly what’s possible! 


Because I’ve got what you need to shine!

shine 1.png

Conjure the copy for your website around your day job over 3 months with me live

️✨ Following my trusted Shine framework, supporting you to craft the copy needed for your biz & website.

✨ Learn what you need to write and how to do it in a way that sounds like you and feels good.


✨ Copy review opportunities for feedback so you can improve your writing.

 ✨“Shine” community of like-minded lovely humans so you can connect, ask Qs, and go on this writing journey together. 

Most importantly, you’ll work through what you *actually* need for your new coaching or creative business website. And FINALLY hit publish. 

Sound good? Let’s do this!


Shine framework

Module 1:
Writing for your business

To get us started, I break down the ins and outs of how writing copy for your business is different from day-to-day writing.

You’ll get clear on who you’re speaking to and how to use your own voice with confidence. 

Module 2:
All about you

Here we focus on how to write about you and the magic you do.

Really understand your why and how you can use this to connect and write about yourself in a way that feels good.

Learn why we’re dropping the jargon, and the methodology spiel, and focusing on telling your story. 

Module 4:
Sales Page Magic

Taking a look at how to write an ethical calling-in page for your “signature” offer that nurtures your reader and that you’re excited to share!

Module 5:
Let’s write your Home Page

Your home page is where people usually land first, so it’s all about keeping them engaged and scrolling to find out more!

I’ll help you structure yours in a way that feels good. Taking a closer look at your tagline and bio.

Module 3:
Get clear on your Services

Creating a “menu” for how your clients can work with you helps them make a decision with ease.

I’ll guide you through writing this page and give you tips on making your services nice and simple, so you stand out and sound like you.

Module 6:
Cultivating your connections and community

Let’s take a look at the other puzzle pieces of your business words. Nurture sequences, emails & “lead magnet”.

I’ll debunk the myths around what you “should'' be doing and help you get clear on your content and the purpose behind it.

ali dinnie.jpg

“Siobhan helps you to understand exactly what you need to be saying on each page and does it in a way that feels supportive for both you and the person you’re talking to...I’ve actually got copy that I LOVE on my website! I also have much more confidence in my writing, my style and how to convey my personality in my writing.”


Alison Dinnie,

Openhearted Living

Lisa G.jpg

"The modules, templates and examples were essential pointers that were the difference between a blank page and a page full of amazing text that seemed to just free flow from my brain into the keyboard. That's never happened to me before - I usually get stuck on the first sentence."

Lisa Gillow,

Graphic Designer


"Every attempt I’ve made to write copy before on my own has left me sitting for hours in front of the blank page of doom - feeling like I’ve got so much I want to say, but no idea where to start. So I have LOVED the prompts and guidance from the teaching sessions to break it down into chunks that have felt less overwhelming and so much more manageable."

Sarah Matlock,

Coach and Breathwork teacher

Shine Live

Starting 15th April, you’ll write your website in 11 weeks with this live group training, so you can get it written around all your biz/life commitments.

Join me and a cohort of gorgeous like-minded humans on this OG journey to getting “write website” ticked off your To Do list! 

It's time for you to SHINE!


Shine Live

Perfect for you if:

You’re a new coach or creative biz owner trying to fit in client calls around a day job while you figure it all out


You have LOADS to say but don’t know what a business website *actually* needs and would love some structure and ideas about what to say and how to say it


You’ve got a more established biz, but have been putting off re-writing your website for longer than you care to remember and want to do it in an easeful and supported way


You know your business is going to help people but you’d like some help getting it out there into the world so people can actually find out about you!


You’ve made a start on the design bit of your website but the copy part is stressing you out and you’d like someone to guide you through and give you bespoke support.


You’re neurospicy and need some structure and accountability to get this shit done. Weekly check-ins and guidance on top of all the word witchery?! Yes please.

What’s included with Shine Live?

⚡️ We work through my Shine framework - 6 modules supporting you to craft the copy needed for your biz & website


💜 6 LIVE teaching sessions (60 mins with Q&A time) so you can learn what you need to write and how to do it in a way that sounds like you and feels good.


⚡️ Copy Reviews (worth £99 each) for feedback that'll improve your writing and boost your confidence

💜 Copy Drop-in Sessions - bring your wordy Qs along!


️⚡️ Plenty of time to do your “homework” and take action from the teaching sessions - fit writing your website in around client calls, networking and getting your head around business!

🤗 Join the Facebook “Shine” community of like-minded lovely humans so you can connect and go on this writing journey together. Sound out ideas and support each other! 

⚡️ Coworking sessions (yay body doubling to get shit done!)



£777 (Early bird until 5th April, then £1000) 

3 month payment plan available at no extra cost, obvs. (Longer plans available on request.)


The gorgeous humans joining us will also get awesome bonuses: 

✨Let Your Values Shine workshop

✨Disobedient Business® Co course: “How to find clients without being a salesy asshole” 

✨My “You’re Magic” Journal prompts

✨90-minute New Coaches Clinic with Pippa from the Disobedient Business® Co. on "So I’m writing my website, now what?" 

The next round of Shine Live Starts on 15th April with calls alternating between Monday Module calls at 1pm UK Time and Copy Drop-ins on Thursdays at 7pm UK Time. Check your timezone here. See the Shine Schedule here.

Jo Ridgeway.jpg

"I started Shine with a website that was over 10 years old and didn’t feel like me anymore. Each module of Shine perfectly builds on the next, clearly explaining what needs to go where and why. The magic of Shine though and working with Siobhan is that really it’s much more than just copy - within each module I found my voice, confidence and clarity about what I wanted to offer within my business.

The pace of Shine was perfect for me - I was able to juggle work, children and life while also keeping up with my copy. It means, 12 weeks later, I have a website I feel really reflects me and how I want my business to feel. I’m actually proud to show people my website now. I couldn’t recommend Shine and Siobhan enough if you need your hand gently and expertly held through developing a new website that really feels like you."

Jo Ridgway, Acupuncturist & Coach 

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