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What can this

word witch do for you?

I love helping women in business find the right words to say. Words that resonate with your clients and words that will turn  your audience into paying customers.

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting 100s of businesses - large and small - with nailing their words so they can sell their awesomesness, and I'd love to help you too.

Are you excited and ready to cast some spells to set the female entrepreneur world on fire with your words?




Book in a session where I analyse all your words and advise on changes you can make!




A tailored package of support to help you tell your story better, make your brand more "you". We'll work together on any areas you need help with. 

From £2121



Urgently need help with your copy? Book me for a whole day!

From £2500


If you're looking for something to awaken your inner word witch, why not book into a workshop?

From £47

Not sure what you need?
Book in for a FREE call now
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Let's have a virtual brew and chat about what you need my help with.

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