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Word Witch in Your Pocket

6 Week Copy Coaching Package

Imagine being able to pick a copywriter's brain whenever you had a question!
No more second-guessing your grammar or whether you think something will land well with your people...
Just pop me in your pocket and I'm yours for 6 whole weeks!

Over our 6 weeks together, we'll work through all the words in your business.


I've helped founders like you weave their magic throughout their brand and helped them grow their businesses!

Want to sell out your group programme or grow your email list by 100s? Need support to write your blog consistently or to develop a freebie for your subscribers? Or perhaps you'd just like to have a weekly creative brainstorming session every week while also being strategic?!  

Having a Word Witch in your pocket looks like:

🔮 Weekly calls

🔮 Accountability at a level that works for you

🔮 Online Support / eyes on your copy

🔮 On-demand Word Witchery via Whatapp

🔮 Ticking those niggly copy jobs off your To Dos each week

🔮 Ridiculous levels of cheerleading from me

🔮 Stand-out copy that helps you sell

🔮 A sense of relief (and joy!) at knowing how to approach your writing tasks!

Your Investment

What wouldn't you pay for 6 weeks of word witchery, support, guidance, and practical help to get stuff done?!

  • 6 x 1 hr weekly calls

  • Unlimited WhatsApp and email support

  • Join co-working sessions

  • Cheerleading and accountability

All for just £1212 (3 - 6 month payment plans available)

word witch in your pocket 6.jpg

Working with Siobhan is literally like having a nerdy word witch in your pocket! 

Siobhan helped me refine and structure my words so that I can now create sales pages, blog posts and newsletters that a provide wisdom and tell a compelling story as well as convert into sales. 

I have A LOT of words, Siobhan supported me to create a structure that enabled me to articulate myself concisely without diluting my message.

I highly recommend working with Siobhan to help you create copy that speaks to your ideal customers.

Tamu Thomas 
Live Three Sixty founder

Let's chat about how copy coaching can help you!

Book a call using the form below.

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But if you're not ready to have me in your pocket for the longer term yet, you can work this word witch in other ways! Check out these offers that you can book at the click of a button.

Want this Word Witch in Your Pocket for a whole day?


1 hour together to get your copy smoothed out!


More about Siobhan

6 years ago, I left teaching in London to chase my dream of living in a cottage in Devon and writing for amazing people.

I bloody love my business, but what really lights me up is working with phenomenal women doing incredible things.

Writing copy for you is great, but the real magic happens when I work with you to learn how to craft words that connect yourself. It's a joy to work 1:1 with founders like you, helping you to develop your skills and grow your business.

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