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7 sassy and colourful women-owned small businesses you’ll love to buy from this Christmas

The majority of us will be spending less this year (ta, Cost of Living Crisis) so you’ll want to be savvy about who you buy from this Christmas. Say no to putting cash in the hands of billionaires and their slave-made products, and instead help small ethical businesses!

We’ve compiled a little gift list here from some of the women-owned small businesses we adore for their sassy, bold and colourful wares. From tees to chocolate, there’s something for all the family here!

Send out some sass this Christmas!

If you’re sending Christmas cards this year, but have felt like 2022 has been as much of a bonfire as 2021 was, then Mean Mail has the perfect card for you here. However if, like us, you’re not bothering with cards and doing gifts only, then you’ll LOVE these…

Give the gift of telling the office how you’re feeling with these bold AF notebooks. Eyebrow raising stationery not for the faint-hearted!

Make a statement with your Christmas morning brew

Christmas morning isn’t always the time for discussing politics, but you can make a bold statement with your gifting! Show your true colours with a splash of subtlety.

And that’s what we love about these mugs from Emma Puddick Pottery! Handmade by her own fair hands in Bristol, UK, these mugs are a classy way of saying, “Oh mum leave it out. I’m doing things my own way. No, I'm not interested in your opinion.” Ideal gift for a rebellious younger sibling who’s gonna make waves.

Spread some happiness this festive season

You can’t not smile at these gorgeous bright and bold felt banners from Rosie Makes. These are the perfect gift for someone who needs a daily reminder of how bloody brilliant they are. Who doesn’t want to wake up to Battenberg colours and a positive affirmation in the morning?!

Give the gift of showing off their skills!

Shoorah Shoorah have been helping add a splash of colour to your outfits for years with smile-raising rope jewellery. And you can now make your very own pieces using Sian’s designs!

Why not buy a necklace kit for your mum so she can have the pleasure of some mindful making time AND rock a killer statement necklace when she’s done?!

Ideal Christmas gifts for the chocolate connoisseur

There’s always a choc snob in the family (it me 🙋) so why not dazzle them with your exquisite taste with a bar of Lucocoa Chocolate. Founded by chocolate crusader and activist, Amarachi Clarke, they’ve cut out the unethical middlemen in the industry by making their chocolate from the globally sourced, fairly farmed beans and turning them into their chocolate bars right here in the UK.

Plus their delicious treats are made without refined sugar! So you can feel smug about your gifting this Christmas as well as giving them something not naughty, just nice!

Gift some cheeky Christmas craftivism this year

If you’ve got a crafty pal or sibling who’s the tofu-loving woke-type that Suella Braverman hates, then here’s the perfect small business to buy from! Whether you get them a sweary anti-Tory embroidery kit or a slogan pin for their lapel, Hello Treacle will help them say how they feel.

Christmas pressies for daring folk

Small business owner Melin has some awesome gifts in her shop, Lil Titsy. Titsy means “determined and courageous; the feminine or unisex equivalent of ballsy” - a vibe we can all get behind!

From sassy t-shirts to bold frameable prints, there’s an array of pressies to choose from. As buxom women, we’re loving this Big Tits Energy tee. What will you go for?

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for gifting amongst these sassy and colourful women-owned small businesses for your Christmas shopping!

Let us know if you have other small biz pals you’d recommend, as we’d LOVE to champion them and buy gifts from them too!

This is a collaborative blog post from Yvie (founder of Yoco Studio) and Siobhan (This Sister Scribes). We love supporting anti-bland small businesses! Particularly ones owned by bloody brilliant women. If you’re a small biz and you’re looking for help with your content, please give us a shout. We’ve created 3 Cracking Christmas Content bundles for you to choose from so you can get bespoke blogs and graphic design for your biz at an affordable price.


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