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Why you need to pimp your webcopy: A whistlestop guide to SEO

So you've nailed the tone of voice in the copy, and you've started to build your email list; but you're not doing so well in the Google ranking department...

No worries, witches! I've got you covered! As a pro copywriter I work with small businesses to boost their SEO and here are few practical tips on how you can do that.

One thing I must mention is that: SEO is all about playing the LONG GAME. There is no easy fix. Copy that contains OTT numbers of keywords doesn't read well, so it's all about a carefully planned website and being in it for the long-haul. You've got to be strategically planning your content and being persistent.

Notebooks at the might want to work through this blog as if it were an exercise, or print it off and take time to work on your website SEO.


You need to understand the purpose of your website. What is your goal as a business? Are you a service or do you sell a product? Think about your customers and what their pain points are.

What do you want to rank for on Google? Come up with a list of words and terms that you want to be found for. Make a shortlist of keywords and phrase - you'll need those in a minute!

Try to think like your customers. What would they be searching for? Do some keyword research and check out your competitors' landing pages - make a note of frequently used words.

Take away: Planning out your content based on the results you discover in ke