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This Sister Speaks to Lu Williams

Those of you who know me quite well are aware of my socialist beliefs and my obsessive need to help and empower others. So when I heard about what Lu Williams and her Grrrl Zine Fair were up to, I needed to book her in for a chat on This Sister Speaks.

So who is she?

If you've not heard already, Lu Williams is a queer artist and activist who lives and works in Essex, who is championing young people’s creativity. Grrrl Zine Fair is a brilliant combination of live events, zine workshops, Grrrl In Print zine and a feminist zine library. Lu curates exhibitions and workshops for Zine making, as well as hosting panel talks and performances, a self-publishing fair and live music.

Lu’s work with Zine making is undeniably powerful, and Grrrl is presented as an adaptable way of making objects and literature outside of academic or capitalist endeavours, shining a light on women and non-binary artists.

The eloquence with which Lu describes the Zine process and the need for a space and something for young women and queer folx to take ownership of is excellent, and the way Lu collaborates with other artists is what this podcast is all about.

Our chat about intersectional feminism, society and change is one I really enjoyed recording.

Lu held an event in December 2018 which featured the awesome Florence Given and phenomenal Ash Khullar, and continues to make huge strides in the Zine world and beyond, so I am super excited to see where Grrrl Zine Fair goes next year! Big things are coming. Go take a peek at Lu's insta, follow so you can see what she's up to next...

Feminist homework: Investigate taking part in a Zine Workshop or create something to represent yourself or what you do. Get creative! No boundaries or restrictions. Tag us in your pics @grrrlzinefair @this_sister_speaks

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