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This Sister Speaks with Sapphire Bates

This podcast guest was on my wishlist, as someone who I've learned so much from and who's helped me build my business and develop my skills. Sapphire is the epitomy of female empowerment. She may be young, but she is mighty! So when she agreed to come on and talk on This Sister Speaks I was over the moon.

So who is she?

Sapphire Bates is the Founder and Chief Witch of The Coven. She set it up as a space where female entrepreneurs could develop themselves as business owners, getting training and mentoring from other women in the business world.

I’ve been following Sapph for a long time and have learned so much from her. She’s a feisty young woman, with a very wise head on her shoulders. If you follow her, you’ll know she is a bookworm, and is always keen to learn more and share her journey with her followers.

The Coven is essentially networking, but it’s also got a bank of resources that’ll help grow your business and Sapphire set it up because she felt it was what she’d needed a couple of years before, when she’d set up her floristry business – The Flower Arranger.

In this episode you’ll hear her sharing her ideas about what feminism is and whether she is a feminist, and much more! It was a delight to chat to Sapphire about more than just business and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to our conversation.

Ever the adventurer, Sapphire is making the move to Ibiza and we’ll no doubt be seeing lots of shots of laptops on the beach and cocktails in between empowering inspo on her squares. Follow her here: @thecovengirlgang and @theflowerarranger on instagram

Feminist Homework: Channel #CommunityOverCompetition - Look around you and see what your peers are doing. Give them virtual high-fives and share what they're doing with others. Celebrate their achievements and see them in a positive way, don't berate yourself because you've not done the same. Raise each other up.

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