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Do you know what this Word Witch stands for?

Yesterday I was minding my own business, eating my peanut butter on toast and sipping my builder's brew, scrolling away when I was kinda stopped in my tracks by one of the posts. It was that old quote about “a man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”. And (apart from being annoyed that it insinuates that only men stand for things…) it made me wonder if you know what I stand for?

Do you know the 'why' of what I do? Here are some things I stand for (not in any order!!):

  • Raising feminists

  • Fuck the Tories

  • People over profit

  • Everyone deserves a home

  • Refugees are welcome here

  • Bodily autonomy

  • Free Palestine

  • Black Lives matter

  • Sisterhood not Cisterhood

  • We only have one planet

  • Gluten free people need to eat too* (kind of joking…but not really)

I'm 5ft 9, so don't really need to stand any taller, but I do feel a shift when I remember what matters to me.

Of course, this isn't a complete and final list. There'll be things I've forgotten. Please be kind! But for the purpose of this post, I hope it gives you a solid idea of my core values.

I'd love to know what you stand for...

What are you super passionate about?

Yes, our qualifications might be important, but when I'm looking to work with someone I don't generally give a shit about them...I want to know the things that fire you up. The sort of stuff that sets you off on a rant or makes you share a petition or write to your MP. I want to know that YOU give a fuck about the same things as me!

Why am I wanging on about this?

Because copywriting isn't about pretty words. Great copy goes deeper than surface level.

What you stand for matters. Your people are much savvier now and they'll know if you're walking the talk or chatting utter shit. They want authenticity and proof that you give a toss about the world they live in.

Which is why we talk about all of this - your values, your why, your magic - in detail in my group copywriting programme, Shine, which kicks off on September 18th.

Psssstttt - There's £111 off until 5th September - all you've gotta do is put in “shineearly” when you get to the checkout.

If you want to chat about Shine over a cuppa, you can book a call here. No pushy sales tactics, guilt-tripping or manipulation! I want to make sure this feels right for you and will answer any Qs you have.

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