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WTF is cornerstone content?

OK, so you've set up your website and you've been blogging consistently about your area of expertise, sharing the shit out of it all on social media, but you don't seem to be moving up in the rankings on Google...why the hell not?! What else does sodding Google want from you, eh?! Blood?

Well, actually, no. Not blood exactly. What the search engine bots are looking for is how useful you are. What is it that you're offering their users? Are your blogs useful enough? Quite possibly not...

So what's the answer then?

Well, it's not as hard as it might initially seem. The answer is, quite simply: cornerstone content.

I hear cries of, "WTF is that?!" but never fear, I'm here in all my word-witchery glory to enlighten you and boost your rankings on Google.

WTF is a cornerstone article?

Cornerstone content pieces are essentially the most important articles on your website. They are the pages on your website or posts on your blog that you want to rank highest for in the search engines.

They ought to reflect what your business is about; they lay out your mission and - most importantly - are brilliantly written.

Cornerstone articles are usually explainers; relatively long articles combining insights from different blog posts. The idea is that there are links throughout the cornerstone piece to other pages on your site and posts you've written. They create a web for your users to follow.

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What do cornerstone articles look like?